PJ010006 BAKE ELEMENT (VDSC-36) 240V Viking

PJ010006 BAKE ELEMENT (VDSC-36) 240V Viking

240 Volt Bake Element.  Used universally on most 36″ model Viking ranges

This part is compatible with the following Viking models:

  • CVDSC365-4G
  • CVDSC365-4Q
  • CVDSC365-6BAFTER9-5-06
  • SVDSC365-6BAFTER9-5-06
  • VDSC365
  • VDSC365-4G
  • VDSC365-4Q
  • VDSC365-6BAFTER09-05-06
  • VDSC367
  • VDSC367-4GAFTER09-01-06
  • VDSC367-4QAFTER09-01-06
  • VDSC367-6BAFTER08-30-06
  • VEDO265
  • VEDO265C
  • VEDO266
  • VESO165
  • VESO165C
  • VESO166


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